Student Financing

This page provides new CECRI students with options to fund their education via scholarships, loans and work opportunities.

  1. Tamil Nadu Government scholarships:

Some SC,ST,BC,BT,MBC students can avail government scholarship based on their parental income.

Students who went to government high school (either English or Tamil medium) Last 2 years get complete tuition waiver.

All women students get INR 12K per year (1K every month) irrespective of parental income.

Out of state students do not qualify. However, OOS students can apply for central government scholarships if parental income is less than a certain amount .

Please contact the CFE for details.

  1. Loans:

Bank education loans are available to most students to help cover costs of higher education, including tuition, fees, books, and living expenses. Visit a local branch in Karaikudi or in your hometown for more information and to avail a student loan. The loan is usually required to be repaid only after graduation. Seek guidance from CECRI alumni association or current B.Tech seniors who have already availed education loans for more information. Note that an education loan is usually provided by banks at a low interest. They need very few documents to approve the loan. We encourage students to seriously evaluate loans as an option.

  1. Other Scholarships:

Scholarships are a great supplemental source of funding to support educational expenses. They will not cover all expenses but can help pay for a portion of expected tuition and other expenses. Below are a list of scholarships to check out: 

Scholarship Name Amount URL Comments
Tamilnadu First Graduate Scholarship Rs.25,000 2024: Apply Online
LIC golden jubilee scholarship Rs. 20,000
National Scholarship Portal
ONGC scholarship
AICTE Pragathi Scholarsihp Girls only
Sitaram Jindal Scholarship
Foundation for excellence scholarship
NCERT Scholarship Exam
Merit cum Scholarship
Vidyalakshmi portal Scholarship
HDFC Parivartan Scholarship
Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme
Buddy4Study Scholarship
  1. CECRI Alumni Vetri labs Scholarship:

The CECRI Alumni association receives donations from generous Alumni. The Vetri labs Scholarship supports students by providing limited financial aid. This is need based and also merit based. Please fill out the following google form (Click here to fill form)  with your details to get in touch with the association. Alternatively, send us an email at 

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